In 2020, the betting industry took the biggest step it has ever taken in integrating innovation and new technologies. Together with Artur Ashyrov, Head of Engineering Parimatch Tech, we explain the causes of this technological leap, how the market’s titans adapted to it, and what awaits the industry in the next year or two.

Why the Betting Industry Is Stirring

Everyone is tired of this topic, but 2020 was the year of COVID-19. In just a couple of months, consumption habits changed completely, and we could confidently say that offline business was dead or almost dead.

The entertainment and betting…

Hi! This is Serhii Kalinets from Parimatch Tech, and today we’re talking about the resilience of our services.

Long ago

A long time ago, at the start of my career, an interesting thing happened. Back then, we used to write desktop Delphi applications for Windows, and we had the “something is wrong” meme. As always, the meme was funny, but the situation was terrible. One developer discovered exceptions, namely, the ability to catch them. So, to avoid errors in the application, he would catch them for all possible blocks of code, so there was just a modal window displaying the…

The PM GO: Go Global! business and technology conference on scaling and entering new markets took place online on May 14. As a contributor to the event, Parimatch Tech CTO, and VP of Technology Grigory Bakunov presented his forecast for the development of technologies over the next 7 or 8 years.

We have prepared a summary of the main points of Gregory’s speech.

Intro: The technological revolution is yet to happen

In recent years, there’s been much talk about a technological revolution. …

At the annual PMGO business conference, CMO Parimatch Ivan Liashenko talked with one of The Economic Times’ 40 under Forty corporate leaders, Swati Mohan, about expanding the brand, piracy, right pricing policy, and finally, which world leader is followed the most on Instagram.

Ivan Liashenko: As a great business leader and growth hacker, could you tell us more about your background and the major influences in your life?

Swati Mohan: Firstly, I’d like to thank all of you for inviting me here. It’s really great to be part of the PMGO conference. Currently, I’m working as a consultant, but ver…

Constant development in the digital world makes it increasingly important for organizations to look after their intellectual property, not only to guard against loss of revenue but also to protect their image, reputation, and overall value.

Khrystyna Bychkova, Brand & Esports SMM Lead at Parimatch, explains how regular monitoring can save a company from significant losses.

How to protect your unique brand/ logo on the Internet, and why it’s important.

The first step to securing and protecting your brand with exclusive intellectual property rights — including on social networks — is to register your trademark.

Types of trademarks:

- verbal;

A massive event is an enormous responsibility, so nobody wants to screw it up. In the case of the international online conference on business and technology PM GO, our PR & Employer Brand Manager Olha Safina shared tips on what to think about in advance when launching large-scale online events.

What Is PM GO! and Why Parimatch Is Holding It

Initially, PM GO! was an internal event for Parimatch Tech, but in April 2020, it went beyond a corporate event and became public.

The first “open” PM GO — PM GO 5.0 — was held last April. It can be…

In the modern “always-on” world we live in, the speed of technological advancement means that we are bombarded with a huge amount of news, messaging, videos, advertisements, and opinions from the moment we wake up to when we go to sleep. This can gradually become a heavy burden.

A study by Roger Bon and his fellow researchers at the University of California in San Diego, which has been reported in British broadsheet newspapers The Times and Daily Telegraph, suggests that people are on the receiving end of the equivalent amount of 34 Gb of information, an amount which would overload…

My name is Sergey Kalinets, and I run a position as an architect at Parimatch Tech. In this article, I’ll tell you about our experience in the field of message search in Kafka.

Kafka plays a vital role for the whole company as it’s like the central nervous system through which microservices exchange information. From input to output, a message can go through a dozen services that can make a filter and transformation, flowing it from one topic to another. Different teams own these services, and sometimes it’s beneficial to see what a particular message contains. This is especially interesting…

My name is Nina Zolotova, I am a technical writer at Parimatch Tech, I have been interviewed for this position more than once, then I conducted interviews for this position, so I know the hiring process from both sides. Now I want to tell you how we do it and what we pay attention to.

Experience shows that many have already figured out who a technical writer is and why he is needed, but they don’t know how to hire him yet. Especially in cases when there were no technical writers in the company before.

“I was chatting with some…

Great news for all students looking to build a career in IT — Parimatch Tech Academy announces the start of student intake for the Java+DevOps and QA Automation courses. Those students who complete the program successfully will have the opportunity to start a career as a web and mobile application automation engineer in the company. In addition, the program is certified by the team of the DAN.IT educational center that teaches students using the adapted Telem methodology, which is used for training technical specialists of the Israeli army.

All students wishing to apply for the course need to register before…

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