Hi! This is Serhii Kalinets from Parimatch Tech, and today we’re talking about the resilience of our services.

Long ago

A long time ago, at the start of my career, an interesting thing happened. Back then, we used to write desktop Delphi applications for Windows, and we had the “something…

In the modern “always-on” world we live in, the speed of technological advancement means that we are bombarded with a huge amount of news, messaging, videos, advertisements, and opinions from the moment we wake up to when we go to sleep. This can gradually become a heavy burden.

A study…

My name is Sergey Kalinets, and I run a position as an architect at Parimatch Tech. In this article, I’ll tell you about our experience in the field of message search in Kafka.

Kafka plays a vital role for the whole company as it’s like the central nervous system through…

Parimatch Tech

Parimatch Tech is an international product company that develops and provides tech and marketing solutions for the gaming and entertainment industry.

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